cinema constructionSpecialty Cinema was awarded an exciting cinema construction project in Fiji. Congratulations to everyone that worked on the deal and made it happen. If only we could all go over and help with the installation!

The project will include supply and installation of Specialty Screen Frames and Harkness Perlux Cinema Screens, as well as installation of the surround sound speakers.

For quick reference, screen frames are the physical frames or borders that surround a computer or television screen. These frames can be made from various materials, such as plastic, metal, or wood, and can be decorative or functional in design. Additionally, Harkness Perlux Cinema Screens are high-quality cinema screens that are commonly used in movie theatres and other large-screen projection applications. Finally surround sound speakers are audio speakers that are designed to create a three-dimensional sound field, or “surround sound,” by projecting audio from multiple directions around the listener.

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