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Cinema Wall Curtains

There are a number of options when it comes to wall finishes in cinemas.  A good solution must not only be attractive and provide the required acoustic absorption to comply with specifications like Dolby and THX as well as the local fire standard, but also be hard-wearing, long-lasting and easy to maintain.  We have supplied and installed almost every kind of cinema wall finish from cinema wall curtains to acoustic panels to acoustic stretch fabric walls and many other kinds of custom wall finishes.

However, our customers, who include some of the largest exhibitors in Australia and around the world, prefer by far to use cinema wall curtains also known as acoustic wall curtains made of wool theatre fabric in their auditoriums.  Cinema wall curtains last in excess of 10-15 years with little maintenance.  Although rarely required, they can be easily cleaned and repaired and most importantly, cinema wall curtains are easily the most cost effective option for a high quality, professional looking cinema venue.

  • Masking Curtains

    Masking Curtains

    As the name suggests, the masking curtains hide objects and block light.

  • Acoustic Wall Curtains

    Acoustic Wall Curtains

    Acoustic curtains are typically made of heavy duty, flame retardant, acoustically absorbent fabrics and can be used with various track systems to afford greater flexibility than fixed sound absorptive panels.

  • Wool Theatre Fabric

    Wool Theatre Fabric

    Specialty Cinema uses wool that is heavy-weight, opaque and extremely durable, in order to assemble the very best stage drapes, acoustic sound control curtain systems, and other wall curtains.

  • Frontrunner® Wall Fabrics

    Frontrunner® Wall Fabrics

    With a wide variety of applications, Frontrunner® wall fabrics have become increasingly popular in the cinema industry.

  • Acoustic Batts

    Acoustic Batts

    Acoustic batts are lightweight panels of non-combustible glass wool, bonded with synthetic material and faced on one side with a semi-rigid surface, usually black or gray in colour.

  • Wall Carpet – Prelude®

    Wall Carpet – Prelude®

    Prelude® offers a texture and feel which is unobtrusive, not detracting from the appeal of other design features around it.

  • Cinema Main Curtain

    Cinema Main Curtain

    At Specialty Cinema, we can design, manufacture and install pretty much any kind of cinema main curtain that you could require.