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Cinema Digital Signage

Cinema digital signage is becoming essential in most modern cinema environments today.  Whether it is to display digital signage movie posters, digital signage session times, digital signage menu boards at the candy bar, or digital signs that direct patrons to the appropriate auditorium, cinema digital signage is everywhere today.

 Specialty Cinema distributes one of the most sophisticated and capable digital signage platforms for use in cinema from Signbox Microsystems.  The software will talk seamlessly with not only the most popular venue management systems like Vista, Radiant and Venue but also even with custom VMSs. We can also provide digital signage hardware like digital media players and commercial grade digital displays for a complete end-to-end digital signage system for your cinema.

  • Using LED lighting for Cinema Signage

    Using LED lighting for Cinema Signage

    In our last blog post, we talked about using cinema LED lighting to reduce utility costs. Now we’d like to tell you more about using LED lighting for cinema signage. The first area to consider the use of LED in a cinema is signage. Cinemas require a great deal of signage in order to provide

  • Signbox Microsystems, the complete entertainment solution

    Signbox Microsystems, the complete entertainment solution

    signBox, the complete entertainment solution

    Audiences love to be engaged with rich visual images and bright colours. Since 2004, Signbox Microsystems has been working with the biggest names in the entertainment industry to ensure audiences don’t have to be in their seats before being captivated by what’s on the screen.

  • Hosted Digital Signage

    Hosted Digital Signage

    signBox.tv is a web-based digital signage platform for businesses of all sizes.

  • Digital Media Engine Core

    Digital Media Engine Core

    The Digital Media Engine Core can hold up to six Digital Media Engines allowing for the centralisation of sufficient media players to drive all the screens in a cinema venue.

  • Digital Signage Media Players

    Digital Signage Media Players

    Specialty Cinema can supply and install digital signage media players to suit any cinema signage application.

  • Commercial-grade Digital Displays

    Commercial-grade Digital Displays

    Specialty Cinema can supply and install a wide variety of commercial-grade LCD, LED and plasma display panels for use in single or wall matrix configurations.