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Cinema Seating Solutions

Specialty Cinema can supply a wide range of cinema seating solutions from the most luxurious reclining cinema seats made in Australia or Europe to more budget-conscious cinema seats from some of the leading Asian manufacturers.  We have a number of models at our showroom which are available for viewing and demonstration.

  • Luxury and High-End Cinema Seating

    Luxury and High-End Cinema Seating

    We offer an extensive range of luxury and high-end cinema seating options manufactured for us by some of the leading suppliers in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

  • Budget Cinema Seating

    Budget Cinema Seating

    We can also supply Asian-manufactured seats that compare very favourably in terms of price and quality.

  • Bean Bag Cinema Seating

    Bean Bag Cinema Seating

    To appeal to today’s increasingly important youth market, many exhibitors are turning to innovations in seating such as bean bags.