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Specialty Cinema Equipment

Specialty Cinema engineer and manufacture a variety of specialised cinema equipment used in the cinema industry.  From cinema projector hoists used to raise or lower both 35mm and digital projectors, to custom screen changers for digital cinema editing studios, no job is too specialised or too complex.

  • Custom Engineering for Cinema Equipment

    Custom Engineering for Cinema Equipment

    We designed, manufactured and installed a custom sliding projector mount that smoothly moved the digital projector out of the way when the 35mm projector was in use.

  • Projection Screen Changer

    Projection Screen Changer

    The Projection Screen Changer can almost instantly switch between screen surfaces –say one 3D silver screen and one matte white or pearl screen– allowing the use of the same auditorium or view room infrastructure for both 3D and non-3D film editing.

  • Projector Hoists for Cinema

    Projector Hoists for Cinema

    Here at Specialty Cinema, our team of technical specialists have designed a unique and innovative solution that allows our clients, the cinema exhibitors, to squeeze in those extra seats.