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Upgrading Your Movie Theatre Lighting To LED

Upgrading Your Movie Theatre Lighting To LED

So you haven’t switched to LED lighting on your cinemas yet and you’ve been wanting to do so for the longest time since you know that it will be more energy efficient. However, you have no idea where to start. Should it be the stair nosing? The exterior lightings? Common area? Or should you begin in the most important area which is the auditorium? Well, here we’ve put together some advice on what you need to know when upgrading your movie theatre lighting to LED.

Generally, since it is a proven fact that LED or light-emitting diodes are more energy efficient as opposed to fluorescent lights then it is best that you have all your lighting upgraded. Now here are a few tips about upgrading each section of your movie theatre.

Upgrading The Exterior Lighting

upgrading your movie theatre lighting to LED

Your exterior lighting is very important as this is what attracts your customers and makes your place interesting. Here are what needs changing:

Marquee Lights

Old marquee lights are using fluorescent or old school incandescent light bulbs which emits high heat and can cost/ requires high wattage for really bright ones. Now, they can be retrofitted with LED light bulbs or for more color options, LED rope lights. Keep in mind though that the LED you choose should be waterproof and sturdy enough to withstand the elements since they will be pretty much exposed to rain, direct sunlight, and wind.

Poster Case Lights

This one is actually interesting because you have another option more than going with LED lighting. Of course, if you want to stick with the traditional poster, you can replace your usual fluorescent light with LED ropes which again is more energy efficient. But then again, you have a more “high-tech” option which is replacing your poster case lights, or your poster case for that matter with digital signages. If you want to know more about this option, you can check out SignBox services.

Security Lighting

HID lighting which is probably what you currently have for your exterior wall and post light, is highly energy consuming so you’d definitely want to replace them with LED too. However, make sure that you are getting that is as bright as HIDs to keep your patron feeling secured when they are in your area of “jurisdiction”.

On our next post, we will then be reminding you of things to consider when upgrading the lighting on your movie theatre’s common area.

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