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Specialty Cinema Presents The Most Luxurious Cinemas

Specialty Cinema Presents The Most Luxurious Cinemas

Growing up, I used to see movies in typical cinemas. You know what I mean, the common big curtains and upright cushioned seats covered in gamuza or leather, cup holder on the armrest etc. So I used to think that once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Boy how wrong I was. Apparently, a lot of cinemas nowadays are getting really creative when it comes to their “gimmicks” in an effort to be a notch better than their competitors. Take a look at these most luxurious cinemas that everybody would want to visit.


most luxurious cinemasOrange Cinema Club – Located in Beijing, China. What makes this cinema so unique and luxurious is the modern interior that is unlike the traditional movie places. Instead of the traditional cinema seats, they used single and double seater “lazyboy” chairs complete with side tables. There’s even a portion of the cinema with a bar complete with stools.


most luxurious cinemasOlympia Music Hall – Paris, France. They replaced the curtains with blankets. Lol, just kidding. What makes this cinema different is instead of the usual cinema seats, they placed beds instead. It cozy and comfortable.


most luxurious cinemasCine de Chef – Nepal. As the name implies, this place is not just a cinema but also a fine dining place. Cine de Chef boast of multi-continental cuisines prepared in their 5-star kitchen. Like the Orange Cinema, they have replaced the traditional cinema seats with “lazyboy” chairs.


most luxurious cinemasElectric Cinema – This cinema has 2 branches in London. Both have a very luxurious ambiance, they have 2 “seating” options. You can either book a front row bed or a sofa, now ain’t that comfy?


most luxurious cinemasSci-Fi Dine-in Theater – Another dine-in theatre, this one can be found in every kid’s heart. Yes, I’m talking about Disney World. Fancy seats that look like classic American cars that also features a dining table for your meal.


In line with this, for any upgrade you are planning for your cinema, though might not be as fancy as the ones shown above, talk to us. Contact Specialty Cinema and we can provide you with professional recommendations.

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