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Pile Winch Motor STS434

Pile Winches

Pile Winches

The STS434 is a heavy duty pile winch, which is sometimes known as a pile up winch or a yoyo hoist.  This is because the lifting cable “piles” up on itself as the hoist lifts its load.  While pile winches are robust and efficient for lifting things like lighting bars, stage truss and other heavy stage aparatus, they also have their limitations.  Because the cable winds up on itself, the diameter of the drum constantly changes so the load will not move at constant speed.  Also, because the lifting cable is winding up on itself there is slightly more wear and tear on the cable.

STS434 Pile winch motor general features:

  • On unit control button including emergency stop that cuts power and engages the brake
  • Universal mounting system
  • Maximum drift 15m
  • Gearbox primary brake locks the output shaft. Secondary electronic regenerative brake
  • Average travel speed 7.5m/min (maximum 12.5m/min)
  • 6 wire capacity @ 5mm cable
  • Lifting capacity 750kg @ 6m drift, 550kg @ 15m drift
  • Single phase 240V input supply 15A
  • Easily adjustable limit switch control

Also available as STS434-DS500 double drum unit with up to 12 cables (3 phase power requirement).