the new trend in cinemasIntroduced several months ago, the Eclair HDR Color Technology is promised to be the new and upcoming trend in the cinema industry. Let’s read on a short information on its development, the difference it made and what it accomplished and judge for ourselves how true it is that Eclair HDR Color Technology is The New Trend in Cinemas.


Eclair and CinemaNext apparently invested 2 years in research and development of this revolutionary new technology. The primary goal is taking the cinema experience to a whole new level. The result,  Eclair HDR or high dynamic range color technology dynamically enhances the quality of image projection. From the first frame, viewers would already notice the brighter and sharper images. It heightens the contrasts and provides use of a wider color range. The gradients are more refined too.


The makers also promised that producing a film using this new technology wouldn’t require any special types of equipment and even existing films can be remastered using this projection technology. Select projection technologies that are already available from CinemaNext can be optimized to integrate this new mastering technique. This short video will explain more…

One film that was remastered using this technology was Aquarius, and the fortunate people who were invited to the viewing were pretty impressed with the result.


So will the Eclair HDR Color Technology be the new trend in Cinemas? Is this a step up bigger than just getting a new cinema screen or opting for a more luxurious cinema seats? Guess we’ll find out in another couple of years if cinema management will find adapting this technology will give them better revenue that will make the upgrade worth it.

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