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Micro Perforated Cinema Screen Surfaces

Perforated Cinema Screen

Perforated Cinema Screen

Cinema screens are frequently perforated to give an acoustically superior performance when the cinema’s speakers are located behind the screen.

Specialty Cinema supplies both mini and micro perforated cinema screens which have been developed by manufacturers such as Harkness and Spectro, to obtain optimum sound performance, with minimal loss of light.  Mini perforated screens are recommended for close viewing situations, when seating is located within 16 feet of the screen. In such cases, tens of thousands of tiny perforations (less than .025th of an inch in diameter) are built into every square foot of the screen.

For standard cinema applications, where the seating is further back, a micro perf screen is most commonly used.  The holes are slightly larger, at about .040th of an inch in diameter, allowing for an easier flow of sound to the audience, while still giving a bright, colourful picture. 

Specialty Cinema carries cinema screens manufactured by Harkness Screens, Strong MDI, Spectro Screens and Etoniq.

Specialty Cinema’s design team would be delighted to help you determine which screen type is right for your cinema, whether your requirements are for 3D, standard 2D or a combination of the two.  And after you’ve made your decision, we can deliver and install the screen as well.  Contact us today to see how we can help.