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Village Knox Vmax 3D silver screen install

Specialty Cinema were proud to be involved with the installation of one of the world’s largest 3D silver screens at Village Cinemas VMax Cinema at Knox, Melbourne, Victoria.

The result of many months of planning, Specialty worked closely with Village Cinemas and international screen manufacturer Harkness Screens to secure the screen for the 747-seat VMAX Cinema.

The massive screen had to be specially air freighted to Australia from France in a crate more than 13 meters long and weighing in at more than 500kg. The screen measures 28.23m x wide x 12.015m high and took a team of 20 people and two forklifts to lift the crate to the upper level of the complex.  A hole had to be cut into the cinema wall  to get the screen into the auditorium.

The project was particularly delecate because the silver surface of the screen is easily damaged if it is touched so all care must be taken to avoid any contact with the screen surface.

The entire project took five days to complete including the removal of the existing screen surface.