Cinema Roller Side Masking

Cinema Roller Side Masking

Cinema Screen Masking Systems: Panel Roller Side Masking

Unlike conventional cinema screen masking systems, panel roller side masking systems are designed to roll up or down, thereby masking just the right amount of the cinema screen in relation to the image being projected.

At Specialty Cinema, we offer this solution, as well as more traditional top and bottom masking systems.  No installation is too large, too small or too awkward for our specialist technical and design teams.  The panel roller side masking system can be supplied in a wide variety of fabrics, and a huge range of colours, depending on your specific requirements.  Click here to see a schematic diagram of a panel roller side masking system.

Whatever your cinema requirements, be they masking systems or wall curtains, seating, or lighting, Specialty Cinema can help, from initial consultation to delivery and installation. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.