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Projector Hoists for Cinema

Here at Specialty Cinema, our team of technical specialists have designed a unique prector hoist as part of an innovative solution that allows our clients, the cinema exhibitors, to squeeze

Projector Hoist by Specialty Cinema

Projector Hoist by Specialty Cinema

in those extra paying seats.

Regardless of whether you’re using a 35mm projector or a digital model from any of the leading brands like Barco, Christie or NEC, our projector hoists allow the projector to be raised or lowered by 8 metres or more.  This can even eliminate the need for a separate projection room.  We also offer a professional installation service, ensuring a smooth ride for both the projector and its lamp housing.

We offer a wide range of projector hoist models to suit all specifications. Call or e-mail us for a no-obligation quote, for the system that’s right for you.