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Bottom Cinema Masking System

Bottom Cinema Masking

Bottom Cinema Masking

Cinema bottom masking systems are designed to partially mask the bottom of a cinema screen. These masking systems can be either fixed or adjustable.

Specialty Cinema does not just supply different types of cinema masking systems.  We work directly with our clients from the design phase, then the manufacturing process and right through to installation, to make sure we supply a cinema masking system that will give years of trouble-free service.

Fixed bottom masking systems are permanently mounted in such a way as to cover just the required amount of the bottom of the cinema screen.  This type of system is normally used when the side masking system being used is adjustable. 

If an adjustable bottom masking system is required, Specialty Cinema can supply several different solutions, including an exceptional, portable and motorized system that provides up to four metres of lift from a compacted height of less than 500 millimeters!

Bottom Masking System Description:

  • Twill weave (non-tear) black velveteen festoon type curtain
  • Heavy duty accessories
  • Stainless steel cable reticulation
  • 5-6 pick ups (width dependent) for curtain
  • 3-phase or single phase motor with computerized control system
  • Available in 2-stop (scope and wide screen) and multi-stop for special applications