Batwing Cinema Masking Systems Motor

Batwing Cinema Masking Systems Motor

Batwing Side Cinema Masking Systems

What happens when there simply isn’t enough room in your cinema for standard side cinema masking systems?

Specialty Cinema is delighted to offer a solution that gives your cinema a traditional, even classic look, yet batwing side masking systems only require a paltry 100mm of space on each side of the cinema screen.  That’s slightly less than four inches per side!

Batwing side masking systems can be designed to complement any size cinema screen, large or small, and whether or not bottom or top masking systems are in place.  Specialty Cinema offers a wide variety of colours and fabrics to choose from as well, and no venue is too large or small.  Our team of technical specialists aren’t just designers; they deliver and install as well.  Why not contact us today for a no-obligation quote on a cinema masking system to suit your venue.