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Acoustic Stretch Wall

Acoustic Stretch Fabric Wall

Acoustic Stretch Fabric Wall

Covering cinema walls with acoustic stretch wall fabric is an alternative to the use of acoustic curtains to manage the sound and echo characteristics in the cinema auditorium.


We can supply and install all of the leading brands of acoustic stretch wall wall hardware such as Fabritrak, EOMAC and Whisperwall as well as a wide variety of acoustic stretch wall fabrics to match any cinema colour scheme.




Acoustic Stretch Wall Decription:

  • Fabric wall lining system – no glues
  • Plastic extrusion retains selected fabric
  • 25-30mm thick insulated material when fixing directly to plasterboard
  • 50mm thick insulation when fixing to battens
  • Suits multi-shaping (fabric width dependent in size only)
  • Fabric may be re-tensioned or removed and replaced if damaged
  • Butt joints, champhoured or ¼ round sections available
  • Exposed end special section to finish at exposed edges
  • STS range of fabrics (see Wool Cinema Wall Fabrics) or client’s selected fabric