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3D Cinema Screen Surfaces

3D Cinema Screen Surface

3D Cinema Screen Surface

Actors originally referred to being in movies as appearing on “the big silver screen,” and for very good reason.

Cinema screens were originally silver, because silver reflects more light than a white screen.  Because projection systems were relatively dim in the beginning, silver screens gave the clearest and best pictures available.  As projection improved, white screens became the most popular.  With the advent and increasing popularity of 3D movies, however, Specialty Cinema is proud to offer the newest and most technologically advanced 3D cinema screen surfaces or silver screens on the market.  Our ultra-bright 3D cinema screen surfaces bring characters to life, while still performing well with 2D applications.  We can supply either perforated screens, ideal for behind-screen speaker systems, or non-perforated versions.

Specialty Cinema carries 3D cinema screen surfaces manufactured by Harkness Screens, Strong MDI, Spectro Screens and Etoniq.

Here’s our team installing a 3D cinema screen surface using our proprietary screen lifting technology:

We also offer a complete range of services, including delivery and installation.  Why not contact us today about a new 3D silver screen for your cinema.